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Tour Region Highest Point Type Difficulty Route Month & Year, Conditions
Schareck italy Hohe Tauern 3.123m Alpine med, II Naturfreundehaus - Pröllweg - Fraganter Scharte July 2003, sun - t'storm
Monte Albano italy Lago di Garda Mts. 560m FRR high+ Via attrezata Monte Albano June 2003, sun
Cima Capi/Cima Rocca italy Lago di Garda Mts. 1.089m FRR med Sentiero Susatti, Sentiero Foletti, Sentiero dei Camminamenti von Biacesa June 2003, sun
Castel Drena italy Lago di Garda Mts. 380m FRR high Sentiero attrezato Rio Sallagoni June 2003, sun, light rain
Mt. Etna - Voragine italy Sicily 3.253m Hiking low Normal route via Piano Provenzana October 2002, sun
Mt. Etna - Montagnola italy Sicily 2.638m Trekking med S-ridge October 2002, sun/fog
Stromboli - Pizzo italy Sicily 918m Hiking low Normal route via San Vicenzo October 2002, sun
Vulcano - Gran Cratere italy Sicily 391m Hiking low Normal route October 2002, sun
Tschenglser Hochwand italy Ortler Group 3.375m Hiking high, III- S-ridge "Otto-Erich-Steig" August 2002, light snowfall
Hoher Angelus italy Ortler Group 3.521m Alpine med, PD- NW-ridge "Reinstadler-Route" August 2002, sun
Kristallwand italy Hohe Tauern 3.310m Alpine low, F+ SW-ridge June 2002, sun
Grossvenediger italy Hohe Tauern 3.666m Alpine low, F Normal route via S-ridge June 2002, sun
Roter Turm italy Lienzer Dolomiten 2.702m Climb low, III- Schmittsattel - Schmittkamin June 2002, sun
Saulakopf italy Rätikon 2.517m Hiking med, I Normal route from Saulajoch June 2002, sun
Schesaplana italy Rätikon 2.965m Hiking med Normal route from Totalp June 2002, sun
Schafgafall italy Rätikon 2.414m Hiking low, I Normal route from Lünersee June 2002, sun
Sünser Spitz italy Bregenzerwald 2.062m Hiking low Normal route via Sünser Joch May 2002, snow fall
Hoher Freschen italy Bregenzerwald 2.004m Hiking high, I-II Binnelgrat from Unterfluh May 2002, sun
Mörzelspitze italy Bregenzerwald 1.830m Hiking med Normal route via Altenhofalpe May 2002, sun
Hohe Kugel italy Bregenzerwald 1.645m Hiking low Kugelgrat from Ebnit May, June 2002 sev. times
Isle of Mull - Under Ben More great britain Scottish Highlands 867m Trekking med SE-slope October 2001, sun
Ben Nevis great britain Scottish Highlands 1.344m Hiking med Normal route October 2001, fog
The Lost Valley great britain Scottish Highlands n/a Hiking low n/a October 2001, sun
Glen Nevis great britain Scottish Highlands n/a Hiking low n/a October 2001, overcast
Becca di Viou italy Aosta Valley 2.856m Hiking med SE-ridge September 2001, sun
Lago di Goletta italy Aosta Valley 2.700m Hiking med Normal route September 2001, sun
Laguna de la Caldera spain Sierra Nevada 3.020m Hiking low N. route from Hoya del Portillo June 2001, fog
Pico de Veleta spain Sierra Nevada 3.394m Hiking low Normal route from Prado Llano June 2001, sun
L'Ofre spain Tramuntana 1.091m Hiking low NE-ridge January 2002, overcast
Tomir spain Tramuntana 1.103m Hiking med SW-ridge January 2002, sun
Teix spain Tramuntana 1.064m Hiking low NE-face January 2002, light rain
Massanella spain Tramuntana 1.352m Hiking med S-face January 2002, overcast

Type: Hiking=hiking on more or less well marked trails, Trekking=hiking cross country, Alpine=alpine tour to destinations higher than 3.000m, usually with glacier contact, Climb=rock climbing, FRR=fixed rope route (German: Klettersteig)
Difficulty: overall ranking: low, med, high - a very subjective scale of course, used relative to the tour type. If appropriate, the alpine scale is used to characterize the whole tour additionally, it ranges from F (=facile, easy) to ED (=extrement difficult, extremely difficult): F-PD-AD-D-ED. If climbing is required, the UIAA-Scale is used, ranging from I (very easy, no rope required) to X (extreme climbing difficulty). I suggest from III+ the use of a rope, but this can only be a recommendation and will always depend on your skills and preferences. The difficulty should only be used to compare the relative difficulty of one tour compared to another, even more as the objective difficulty can change with weather and other local conditions..
For more information on Ratings, visit e.g. Rob Veenhof's page.

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