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One of the major summits of the East Alps: the Grossvenediger, 3.666m
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This mountain is huge in its proportions. Although it looks just like a big firn triangle from South and East, it has an impressive west wall, dropping almost 300m, and big cornices to the North. Consequently, the normal routes choose the broad and less steep slopes from the East and South. Anyway, it is not a simple mountain, the height and glacial landscape require some experience if you want to travel here safely. But once you arrived at the summit and can enjoy one of the best panoramas in the East Alps, you will forget the effort and all the other alpinists standing next to you....

Photos: The Niederer Zaun seen from the Neue Prager Hütte, the "Gipfelkreuz", firnridge at the summit, descent through the Schlatenkees
Rating: +++++ ascent: 870m Start: Neue Prager Hütte, 2.796m
Destination: Grossvenediger, 3.666m
Difficulty: low, F (G2) Alpine descent: 870m End: Neue Prager Hütte Walking Time: total 5,0 hours, 3,0h to the summit. Descent 2,0h


An early start is advisable for the tour, usually sunrise should be fine. You start from the hut in a westward direction and walk below the Niederer Zaun to its end. This is where you enter the glacier and have to put on harness and take the rope. Apart from this basic safety measure, in many cases crampons are not necessary until late summer. Anyway, cross the Schlatenkees while following the rather big trail in the snow westwards. At something like 3.300m you will enter the Oberer Keesboden, a big, flat basin, enframed by Grossvenediger, Rainerhorn, Hohes Aderl and Kleinvenediger. At the foot of the Grossvenediger's SE-summit slope the trail gets steeper and will lead you to the left (S) ridge of the summit. This ridge leads to a 40m long, very exposed firn ridge, that directly ends at the highest point.
Descend on the way you took for the ascent, but be aware now that snow conditions might have dramatically changed on the Schlatenkees!
Classification: med, distance 10km
Base: Neue Prager Hütte (seasonal)
Marking: trail in the snow, which quality naturally depends on the environmental conditions (snow, sun, wind..) - bring a map and a compass!


e.g. Kompass Karte Nr.46, Matrei in Osttirol, Kals am Grossglockner 1:50.000 or AV-Karte Nr. 36, 1:25.000
Map of the tour (1:25.000) 136k

Travel Season:

summer till autumn.


If you have a good timing and nice weather you can extend the tour via the nearby Rainerhorn and/or the Schwarze Wand.
Links: Good tour description by "Highrises and Mountains"

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