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From Cuber via L'Ofre to Biniaraix
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If you are looking for a nice start for your hiking holiday: here it is. This tour takes you from the central parts of the mountain range with minimum ascent to one of the highest peaks around, the Ofre. Below it, the beautiful Finca L'Ofre, surrounded by jagged mountains. And the descent takes you through the most beautiful Barranc de Biniaraix on an old pilgrim trail which connects Sóller and the Monastery if Lluc. The descent can be quite wearying after a while, as the pilgrim trail is paved with cobblestones and is quite steep. But the surrounding natural beauty with wild goat, seldom plants and rock faces almost leaning towards you let you forget your aching leg muscles and once the ancient village of Biniaraix comes into sight, you'll know it was worth to walk this trail.

Photos: The Ofre seen from the Coll, inside the Barranc de Biniaraix (try to find me sitting on a rock..), Biniaraix
Rating: +++++ ascent: 340m Start: C710 Sóller-Pollensa, Cuber at KM 34, 770m.
Destination: L'Ofre, 1.091m
Difficulty: low, I Hiking descent: 970m End: Biniaraix, 117m Walking Time: total 3,5 hours, Cuber-Coll de L'Ofre 1h, Coll-L'Ofre 0,5h, descent 2h.


Right at KM 34 of the C710 is parking place from which an unpaved road south of the Cuber starts. Take this road across the lake's barrage and follow it until you arrive at a small saddle, the Coll de L'Ofre (890m), at the foot of the L'Ofre itself. In westerly directions, you can enjoy a beautiful view on the valley of Sóller and the Cornador. The trail onto the L'Ofre starts, when you look towards the mountain, on the left side under the trees and leads in a couple of serpentines higher. After a while, the markings take you to a small trail which might require a little climbing until you reach the peak. The descent from L'Ofre takes you a couple of metres down on the same way again until you come to a marked rock Cuber-Sóller. Here you follow the arrow "Sóller" to take a short cut, which eventually leads you to a dirt road again. This dirt road intersects after a short walk with the road you originally used from Cuber whichs ascends now towards the Finca L'Ofre. At the beginning of the Barranc you will notice another signpost (710m) Es Cornador-Biniaraix-Cuber, where you will have to follow the sign "Biniaraix". From there the way takes you through this steep gorge in almost endless serpentines and finally along the river towards the village of Biniaraix. From there it is just a twenty minute walk to Sóller.
Classification: low, distance 14km
Base: none
Marking: red-white signs on the main trail, on the trails onto L'Ofre dominantly blue markings on rocks and trees


e.g. Mapa Topográfico Nacional de Espana: "Sóller 670-II" 1:25.0000 or the Estanc, Sóller: "Mapa de Camins de Muntanya", 1:25.000
Map of the tour (Mapa Topográfico 1:25.000) 214k, Map of the Tour (Mapa de Camins de Muntanya1:25.000) 174k

Travel Season:

autumn till spring.


A nice alternative is to follow the markings towards El Cornador and Mirador L'Ofre. By crossing the Serra de Alfabìa from El Cornador you will eventually reach a trail that takes you directly back to Sóller via the Finca S'Arrom, Sa Coma and the Cemetery of Sóller. But as far as I know, S'Arrom doesn't allow anyone trespassing, in this case you would have to return to the Barranc and descent to Biniaraix. If you want to descent to the other side of the Serra, a trail should lead you down to Orient, which starts at the dirt way that passes the Finca.
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