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This site is a private, non-commercial site. Its aim is to share personal experiences of the author(s). Every information on the pages of this site has been researched thouroughly, but the author(s) can't guarantee their correctness. This is especially true for the difficulty ratings given in the tour descriptions, as they only refer to the subjective judgement of the author. Outdoor sports in general and mountain sports in particular require experience, skills, consciousness and personal judgement to be performed as safe as possible. The ratings should only be used to compare the tours relative to each other and to get an idea what is required for them under fair local conditions. So please inform yourself about local conditions before you start, leave a note with someone where you are heading and when you intend to return and carry enough water and food as well as appropriate gear with you.


the disclaimer is available in english and german language.

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Nov. 2001: "globalExplorer" is relaunched as ""
Jan. 2002: more than 1.000 total visits since Nov. 2001 are counted
Jun. 2002: more than 10.000 total visits since Nov. 2001 are counted
Aug. 2002: first major relaunch of the site concerning navigation, style and functionality
Dec. 2002: start of translating the site into German language
Apr. 2003: more than 50.000 total visits and 10.000 visitors on the homepage

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