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Half day tour with -almost- four 2000m peaks
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This tour is very easy and yet so much fun! It will take you just four hours from the Furkajoch to make this round trip: three peaks of more than 2000m, two lakes, view into the big north walls of the Sünser Spitze and the other mountains along the ridge and - weather permitting - an impressive panorama wherever you are. I guess the ascent of just 380m is well worth this....but as this is probably well known to many others, try to come here in late spring!

Photos: The Blauer See on the way to Portlerjoch, View to the Furkajoch, Ridge between Portlahorn and Portlerkopf
Rating: +++++ ascent: 380m Start: Parking Lot beneath the Portlaalpe, 1740m.
Destination: Sünser Spitze, 2.062m
Difficulty: low Hiking descent: 380m End: Parking Lot Walking Time: total 4,0 hours, 1,75h to Sünser Kopf, 0,75h to Sünser Spitz. Sünser Spitz to Portler Horn 1,25h, Portler Horn-Portler Kopf-Parking Lot 0,75h.


From the parking lot walk some 100m in direction to Damüls and then take the road leading to the Portlaalpe. Once there, you'll remark a trail marked red-white-red towards the Portler Fürkele. From the Fürkele follow the signs towards Sünser Joch. The trail will take you along the slopes of the Portlakopf, slowly ascending towards the Portler Horn. After 60 minutes you will remark a small lake just next to the trail on your left. This is the Blauer See and just 15 minutes away from the Sünser Joch. There you follow the trail straight on towards the Sünser Kopf. This big "hill" breaks at its top almost 300m down, so be careful in foggy weather. Now you'll already see the Sünser Spitz to the west. Get back on the big trail and following it, you'll quickly reach the 2.062m peak.
After a fair break you can simply follow the way back towards the Sünser Joch again. Once there, ascend a few metres and you are on the Portler Horn. The next part of the trail leads you towards the Portler Kopf on a broad ridge. This path is sometimes not easy to find and is a little exposed, but it shouldn't be a problem during dry weather. Just before you reach the foot of the Portler Kopf, you'll remark a small trail leading down (W) to the Portler Fürkele. It is up to you if you just return now to the Alpe or make the small climb onto the Portler Kopf, which will at least offer the best view to the south on your tour... from the Portler Kopf, you return to the trail described above and descend to the Fürkele.
Classification: low, distance 12km
Base: Small restaurant on the Furkajoch (seasonal)
Marking: unpaved road, then red white red markings, towards the Sünser Spitze white blue


e.g. Kompass Karte Nr.2, Bregenzerwald Westallgäu 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 91k

Travel Season:

late spring till autumn.


At the Fürkele you can also start a very scenic, yet easy tour to the Freschenhaus and the Hoher Freschen (approx. 4,5h one way).
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