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Region/Tour   Type Difficulty Description
Bulgaria bulgaria Alpine Scenery and quality tourism for low budgets - definitely worth a visit!
Sicily italy This island combines many contrasts and is home of some of the most active volcanoes in Europe
Mt. Etna - Voragine >> Hiking low An easy, but at times dangerous walk to the central crater of Etna
Mt. Etna - Montagnola >> Trekking med On your own on the slopes of Etna - with old and new craters on your way
Stromboli - Pizzo >> Hiking low The most active vulcano in Europe - with eruption-guarantee!
Vulcano - Gran Cratere >> Hiking low A short visit on an old, yet only sleeping crater of big dimensions
Hohe Tauern italy The Hohe Tauern National Park accomodates with Grossvenediger and Grossglockner Austria's highest peaks
Kristallwand >> Alpine low, F+ Although easy to reach, this beautiful mountain is hardly ever visited - quite an advantage in my opinion
Grossvenediger >> Alpine low, F One of Austria's highest, this mountain is an easy and rewarding destination
Ortler Group italy Ortler, Königsspitze and Monte Zebru are at the heart piece of this area, but there's more to discover for hikers and alpinists
Tschenglser Hochwand >> Hiking high, III- A 3000+ mountain which is rather challenging for the "normal" hiker - with a glacier-free access
Hoher Angelus >> Alpine med, PD- If you want to prepare for the Ortler, try this peak, offering easy climbs and steep snow fields
Rätikon italy The mountain range of the Rätische Alpen is not as overrun as the neighbouring Silvretta and an attractive spot on its own
Saulakopf >> Hiking med, I Quite strenous walk to a very panoramic mountain, surrounded by the Zimba, Drusenfluh and Sulzfluh
Schesaplana >> Hiking med A very nice hike, especially during early summer, to the Rätikon's highest peak
Bregenzerwald italy Fortunately neglected by mass tourism, the Bregenzerwald allows wonderful hikes on your own
Sünser Spitz >> Hiking low Peak bagging in Austria: three peaks higher than 2000m with one half-day hike
Hoher Freschen >> Hiking high, I-II Accessed via the wild and exposed Binnelgrat, the Freschen offers one of the best hikes in the area
Scotland - Western Highlands
great britain
The Scottish Highlands are one of the best areas in Europe for hiking. I visited the heart of it...
Isle of Mull - Under Ben More
Trekking med Three days in the wilderness of Mull - completely on your own!
Normal Route to Ben Nevis
Hiking med Better said the tourist way to Britain's highest mountain. But better routes do exist...
The Lost Valley
Hiking low Not so lost or hidden anymore, it probably is still the most scenic valley around Glen Coe
Glen Nevis
Hiking low Famous and endless...
Valley of the Trebbia italy The Trebbia is probably one of the least visited areas of northern Italy - quite an advantage in my opinion!
Aosta Valley italy Aosta is in the most nothwestern corner of Italy and is sourrounded by some of the most famous mountain ranges of the Alps.
Becca di Viou >> Hiking med Strenous walk to the top, with perfect panoramic views on the western Alps and Aosta Valley
Lago di Goletta >> Hiking med Long and in parts strenous walk to a beautiful glacial lake in Gran Paradiso NP
Sierra Nevada & Alpujarras spain Tourist masses usually don't realize that 30km from the beaches, one of the most beautiful national parks of Spain is situated.
Laguna de la Caldera >> Hiking low Nice walk to a glacial lake at the foot of Mulhacen - with the option to climbSpain's highest peak.
Normal Route to Pico de Veleta >> Hiking low With a little climbing it is easy and very rewarding to hike continental Spain's second highest mountain
Sierra de Tramuntana
The Sierra de Tramuntana is an oasis of beauty and remoteness in overcrowded Mallorca
L'Ofre and Serra de Alfàbia >> Hiking low Perfect warm up with lots of alternative routes around and a wonderful view on the Valley of Sóller
The Tomir >> Hiking med The eastern outpost of the Tramuntana Mountains - with some "alpine" challenges
The Teix >> Hiking low If you want to walk to the villages of Deìa and Valldemosa - take the tour via the Teix!
The Massanella >> Hiking med The tour to the second highest peak (1.352m) on the island offers an exceptionally fine walk

Type: Hiking=hiking on more or less well marked trails, Trekking=hiking cross country, Alpine=alpine tour to destinations higher than 3.000m, usually with glacier contact, Climb=rock climbing, FRR=fixed rope route (German: Klettersteig)
Difficulty: overall ranking: low, med, high - a very subjective scale of course, used relative to the tour type. If appropriate, the alpine scale is used to characterize the whole tour additionally, it ranges from F (=facile, easy) to ED (=extrement difficult, extremely difficult): F-PD-AD-D-ED. If climbing is required, the UIAA-Scale is used, ranging from I (very easy, no rope required) to X (extreme climbing difficulty). I suggest from III+ the use of a rope, but this can only be a recommendation and will always depend on your skills and preferences. The difficulty should only be used to compare the relative difficulty of one tour compared to another, even more as the objective difficulty can change with weather and other local conditions..
For more information on Ratings, visit e.g. Rob Veenhof's page.

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