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The Becca di Viou - two kilometres above Aosta
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This tour leads to a prominent peak 2.000m above Aosta, from which you have a perfect view into every direction: Monte Rosa group in NE, Matterhorn and Breithorn in N, Grand Combin in NW, Mont Blanc group in E and Gran Paradiso in S. Although the way is not very scenic all the way and can be very strenous, the view is incomparable.

Photo: Blavy, with a view towards Becca di Viou
Rating: +++++ ascent: 1.400m Start: Blavy, 1.471m, accessed from St. Christophe, east of Aosta Destination: peak of Becca di Viou, 2.856m
Difficulty: med, I-II Hiking descent: 1.400m End: Blavy Walking Time: total 7 hours, Blavy-Alpe de Viou (2.062m) 1,5h, Alpe-Col di Viou (2.698m) 2h, Col-Becca di Viou 0,5h, descent 3h


Follow the well marked trail out of Blavy into the forest. In there, the marking will alternatively be red/white, but reassure yourself you keep your general direction towards NE. During the ascent, you will cross the street twice, after the second crossing you can already see the Alpe di Viou (1,5h). Behind the Alpe, the trail merges for a while with trail #22 eastwards, but will soon turn NE again. After a relaxing rather plain part of the trail you will reach the foot of the Becca di Viou and will have to follow a steep rocky trail towards the Col di Viou (3,5h passed). Once you made it up there, the final ascent to the peak is a short walk, which might require some easy climbing in parts.
Classification: moderate, good endurance required
Base: none
Marking: yellow, 105


e.g. Kompass Karte #87 Zermatt/Cervinia 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1.50.000) 180k

Travel Season:

Late summer or early autumn, as the ascent is rather strenous and doesn't offer much shade.


The road from Blavy to the Alpe is not recommendable for ascent or descent, as it is very much longer than the trail.
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