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An old, yet only sleeping Volcano
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Vulcano has two main attractions: the fumarole close to the port, and the Gran Cratere. While I wouldn't recommend to visit the former, the tour on the Gran Cratere is short and plain fun. And that you have to pay nowadays something like two EUROs per person if you use the normal route shouldn't really stop you from walking onto this very old volcano. But this volcano is still alive, and it is expected that it will explode one day - and will destroy not only the island of Vulcano, but also parts of the nearby island Lipari, too.
Anyway, under normal circumstances the only danger will come come from the gas emissions at the crater, which can be avoided easily. Enjoy this short trip, maybe as a first contact with a volcano before you visit Stromboli or Mt. Etna.

Photos: The fumarole, gas emission at the crater, view on the crater, the Gran Cratere seen from the port
Rating: +++++ ascent: 380m Start: Porto di Levante
Destination: Gran Cratere, 391m
Difficulty: low Hiking descent: 380m End: Porto di Levante Walking Time: total 2,0 hours, 0,25h to the trail head, 1,25h to the top (roundtrip on the rim). Descent 0,5h.


Follow the main road from the port southwards until you reach some signs indicating the begin of the trail to the crater on your left. Walk on that trail to the rim of the crater in two very big serpentines and then walk clockwise or anticlockwise to the top and back. On your way you'll pass some gas emitting holes - please avoid the gases.
Descend on the same way or shortcut straight through the ashes (which is a lot of fun and a lot faster :-). Follow the road back to Porto di Levante.

Classification: low, distance 6km.
Base: none
Marking: the trail is marked in parts and is easy to follow.


e.g."Isole Eolie - Carta turistica e nautica" (1:25.000)
Map of the tour (1:25.000) 120k

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- GVP-USGS - Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
- general info by Boris Behnke
- Webcam Vulcano - Sorveglianza Visiva
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